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9 Common Diabetes Myths You Should Avoid

According to a report on diabetes, about 29.1 million people are affected by this chronic disease. If you will surf the Internet, you will find a lot of information on diabetes – about what to eat and what to avoid, exercises for diabetes, and so on.

The cause behind diabetes can vary, but this is for sure that our diet plays a big role in controlling it to a greater extent. Many people are living with different myths that are related to what diabetes that everyone should avoid. This is because, it is necessarily important to completely understand the condition before you start with the treatment.

So, let’s take a look at common diabetes-related myths with genuine explanation as to why they are not true.


  1. Rice is Bad for Diabetics


It is believed that rice is not good for people with diabetes, but the truth is that all forms of rice are not bad. Brown rice is a safe choice to be considered in diabetes. The wheat that we consume has more gluten and is more hybridized as compared to rice.  

Brown rice is a slow-cooking rice and can be organic. It releases sugar slowly as compared to white rice that converts into sugar faster.


  1. Fasting Is Not Good for Diabetics


Fasting is considered no good as it increases the risk of high blood sugar. Almost all religions encourage fasting, but besides spiritual aspects, fasting is considered to have health benefits. Fasting allows the body to burn excess fat.


  1. Sugar Substitutes Can Be Replaced with Sugar


With the increased marketing of artificial sugars, many people believe the myth that sugar can be replaced with them. But the sad truth is that instead of doing any good they harm our body as they encourage their cravings and make us dependent on them.

So, it’s better to avoid such foods that contain such sugar substitutes. They are not safe and affect our body's sugar levels in a negative way.


  1. Whole Wheat Is Safe


Consumption of carbohydrates are important for all, including diabetics. It is still debatable as to what is good – is it whole grain or whole wheat! Foods that are low in gluten release carbohydrate slowly and reduce the risk of raising the blood sugar levels.

 As mentioned above, the wheat we consume is more hybridized and increases the blood glucose levels.


  1. Granola Bars are Good Even for Diabetics

 Granola bars are believed as a healthy snack. You can eat them when you don't have much time to have your meals. But, the fact is that they are not good for diabetes patients as they are high in sugar content and canola oil. Instead of being beneficial, it shoots your blood sugar levels.


  1. Fats Are Bad for Diabetics

Many diabetic people avoid fat as they think that they can harm their health and raise blood sugar levels. But, fats can suppress our food cravings. They make us feel satisfied and are important for the proper functioning of our body.

 Fats that harm in diabetes are trans fats that are consumed via fried foods.


  1. Diet Sodas Are Okay to Consume by Diabetics

 If you are suffering from diabetes, then you should avoid having soda even if it is a diet soda. As per studies, even small quantities of soda raise the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

 These are loaded with artificial sweeteners that are worst for any diabetic patient.


  1. You Can Get Calories from Carbs or Fats

Different food has different nutritional value. Diabetes patients often avoid fatty foods as compared to carbs. But, it is seen that grain carbs can lead to some serious diabetes-related complications. It is important to distinguish between good and bad carbs.


  1. For Diabetics, Six Meals Are Better Than Three

 With respect to Diabetes, there is a common myth that eating six meals are better than three meals, but it's not true because every time you eat, you make your body dependent on it.

Our body will never feel the need of saving reserves in the form of fat and this will ensure that you remain diabetic for your whole life.