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Best Anti-Aging Tips You Can Try to Delay and Prevent Wrinkles

Forget gracefully, nobody wants to age in today's world. And even if we accept that it is a natural process, then our favorite celebrities on the cover of those glossy magazines, are enough to make us feel envious of our own being. Well, let's be practical, there is a lot of efforts and money go into making celebrities look young and beautiful. Having said that, you must have wondered whether it is possible to slow-down the aging process! Well, this answer is been asked for centuries and the quest of finding a silver bullet anti-aging formula seems endless.


See, there isn't just one special formula that can magically erase the  wrinkles and other signs of aging but surely there are some ways you can introduce in your daily schedule that will bring you the desired results. Here, we have outlined the tips that people can easily follow to at least delay the process of aging.

 Sweat it out

You have heard it millions of time that exercise is one of the best ways to live longer but do you know it can also help you look younger? See, when you work out, you sweat and this causes the pores to open up. Result? All the toxins that had clogged your pores earlier, start to release. This helps in cutting back the chances of breakouts and blemishes.

It is very important to wash your face once your workout is over to prevent the adverse effects. And if this is not possible due to some reason, then keep the facial wipes with you to take off the sweat and grime from clogging your pores.



Don't forget to take your beauty sleep.

Catching up on your sleep is really essential for your body. Most of us have grown with the idea that “You snooze, you lose" but this isn't true when it comes to slowing down the effects of time on your skin. Rather, it is during this time where our body is able to repair and restore cells that were damaged during the day. Thus, keeping your skin luminous and tight in the process.

Buy a silk pillowcase for yourself. Studies reveal those women who sleep with their face pressed against the pillow or on the cotton pillow, are increasing their chances of developing sleep lines which translate into wrinkles. With the silk pillowcase, your skin will just slide on the pillow and won't crunch like it used to earlier.


Get your basic skin care regimen down

When you were young, you must have heard that one should follow the basic skincare regimen- you know, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. But as you age, you need to take your grooming or age-defying routine to the next level.

  • Get yourself a moisturizer with SPF in it. If you are leaving your skin susceptible to the sun's harmful rays, you are basically inviting wrinkles on your face. Add a broad-spectrum SPF in your daily routine.
  • Ditch creams and go for the serum. You should know that the actual skin damage happens in the dermis layer and creams sometimes aren't able to reach where they are supposed to work. Serums are lightweight and loaded with essential nutrients, so can penetrate to all three layers of the dermis. Result? Firmer skin and a brighter complexion.
  • Keeping up with the second point, add a serum with retinol added to it. It is another form of Vitamin A that helps in boosting collagen production. It is believed that it can give you ageless results within a very short period of time and can actually reverse the existing signs of aging from your face.



Add anti-aging foods to your diet to boost collagen



Collagen is a protein present in your skin that gives it strength and structure. It is because of the presence of collagen that your skin looks tight and taut. Due to the breakdown of collagen, your skin looks saggy and wrinkled. There are certain foods, if added to your diet, can trigger your body to produce collagen.

  •  Get your dosage of Vitamin C

Those who consume processed food, rich in carbs, tend to have more wrinkles than those who follow a healthy diet. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that can protect your skin from the external damage it goes through every day. Over the time, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from your face.

  •  Eat more of omega-3 fatty acids

Fatty fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, olive oil and chia seeds - all these foods are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. You can get the benefit from these foods as they help to hold onto the moisture that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

 And don't forget to drink water

Hydrating yourself isn't something we need to tell you about it but still, most of the people skip on it each day without releasing the effect it can have on your body. So, make it a habit of drinking at least 12 glasses of water each day to have a radiant glow on your skin.


 On a final note

It is easy to slow down the aging process when you know what to do. The above-mentioned tips will help you turn back the aging clock in the most sustainable way without creating a dent in your pocket. And don't ponder so much about aging signs. Smile often because when you are happy from inside, you create a positive feedback loop in your brain that not only increases endorphins but also relieves stress.


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